I’ve finally booked my writing trip. I have to go on a field trip to write a piece for my Writing Place module and it has to be to a place that resonates with me – I’ve chosen Brighton. I’ve gone back time and time again since I was 13 and I’m ready for some real hard work. My idea is pretty simple, to buy about 20 postcards and write a poem on the back of each one. We only have to do 2000 words of prose about our trip but I’ve picked something a bit bigger. I’m staying in a two bed flat for three nights, plenty of space and time to write an absolute ton. I’m excited. I need the serenity. I’m even taking my dog this time so I can relax for five minutes without panicking that she’s dying or something. I love this place. Some of my best pieces have been written here or after going here. I’m always totally happy, at peace. I’m not obsessive or ill or panicking or thinking about my mother, I just am. It becomes very easy to spend days on end going in the same stationery shops and speaking to the same people. Much easier than it is in my hometown.


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  1. awesome website over here! Thanks for posting…

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