Into the Den

A lion was in my home
it told me to be patient
it didn’t force entry
I let him in quite compliantly
– before I knew what he had to say
I am not patient.
I want everything at once
I think this a virtue in itself
but he told me to
keep working and it’ll come to you
maybe not today but soon.
I wish I hadn’t opened the door at all;
I wasn’t ready.


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One response to “Into the Den

  1. Great poem! Having just read a couple of your recent poems, you do a fantastic job conveying your emotions – as if you relinquish the keyboard to your soul and allow it to speak to us in a very natural, and seemingly effortless, way!

    In terms of this specific poem, you did an excellent job balancing “simplicity with depth” – which means it can appeal to pretty much any audience. Someone could appreciate the general message in a quick read, someone else could analyze it a bit more rigorously and uncover depth that even you may not have consciously intended. I like the symbolism of a “lion” as the messenger — the fact that you welcomed him into YOUR den — and the poetry in the fact “you want EVERYTHING at once” (which you called a virtue), but clearly established that this message is ONE thing that you do not want — then centered everything on patience (which is a virtue, and a virtue that is at ends with what you had previously considered a virtue) — and in conclusion, you accept that you were not ready for the message (which echos other allusions to ‘time’ you have sprinkled about in the piece, and is clearly an important facet of patience itself).

    In terms of your overall writing style, while I am definitely more of a “glass half full” guy by default, I still recognize that my stance is just as much defined by that empty half. Good writing may come down to a reader’s ability to relate — but great writing, in my opinion, is much more about the writer’s ability to convey. You’re able to convey to the point I can relate, even if your style is the yin to my yang…

    So, keep doing your thang! 😉

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