Weekly Round-Up

20130203-230851.jpg 20130203-230929.jpg

This is how my week started, with an absolutely useless Creative Writing walk and a blurry photo of Soar Point. it was bleak and grim, but I persevered and my week wasn’t so bad after all. Even after seeing an actual rat and a lot of drugs. This week has been one of attended lectures and screenings, many a jewellery order, and other goodness. I haven’t actually worked that hard but I feel okay. I spent the whole week with my best friend Elise and we did a lot of Boggle and coffee.

I ended my week as in the second photo, with a spontaneous trip to my friend Rosanna’s house. We quoted a lot of Forrest Gump, drank a lot, played some games, and I felt good. I like being myself and getting out of the house, it’s just rare.

So the things that I’ve been enjoying this week are these. In no particular order (but maybe)

1. Receiving Orders
People buying things from my store makes me inexplicably happy. I love packing them up, making bits bigger or smaller if needs be, customising orders, and packing them with little personal notes. It’s lovely. If you want to add to my happiness, – click here – (see what I did there?!)

2. The X-Files
I have watched The X-Files nonstop this week and I have absolutely no regrets. Can’t stop me. Four seasons in two weeks.

3. Coffee
Attending Uni all week means that many soy lattes have entered my system. Yummy, sustenance!

4. Egyptology
My reading topic of the week, my library card is pretty much burnt out from my personal projects.

5. Elise
My best friend helps me as much as I help her, she just doesn’t see it. I need Boggle buddies.

That’s all for this week, I’m sure next week will be more inspired. Tune in tomorrow for a little personal rant or opinion post! xo


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