My 20th Birthday

My 20th Birthday

As you probably know it was my 20th birthday yesterday and this fun fact has led to me not being able to update! So here’s a cute photo from my birthday party. On Tuesday my cutie best friend (pictured above) bought me a birthday crown and a birthday badge and helped me to set up the house for the cutest, twee-est, polka dottiest party in all of history. Marshmallow fluff cookies, polka dot bunting, fairy lights…all the annoying things. We spent £80 on alcohol and crisps, obviously. My friends all came over and we got really drunk. Of course. I drank way too much but I was full of love and sang a lot of Fountains of Wayne and missed 2007.

On Wednesday I woke up to the worst hangover known to man. I went to find Elise and what I did find was my best friends all in my house having a little sleep, so I opened my presents with them. Presents including a Hello Kitty onesie which is amazing. After bagels and holding our painful heads, Elise and I headed over to The Curve to have a job interview. We smashed it and both got the job because TEAM WORK.

NEXT CAME CHIQUITO. Every birthday I feel the overwhelming urge to eat a lot of Mexican food and, well, I did it. And we had ice cream factory afterwards. We behaved like children, we ate a lot of ice cream, and then I came home to watch It’s Always Sunny.

Basically I had the cutest birthday ever thanks to my favourite people and a lot of excellent food and booze and gifts. Also Murb wrapped everything in David Bowie wrapping paper. Also Owain bought me a Bruxelles Moleskine, a book about 70s movies, a book about 90s movies, another movie book and a Sunnydale High t-shirt. I AM BLESSED BY THE DAVID BOWIE GODS.



February 28, 2013 · 8:47 pm

3 responses to “My 20th Birthday

  1. Oh my… you’re so young. I’m so old. *cries*

  2. Sunnydale High & David Bowie Gods sounds like a recipe for the best birthday ever. 🙂 Happy belated birthday!

  3. Seems like you had fun!!!!!

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