Friday – I Love


Pets. I love my dog. In case you haven’t met her yet, her name is Bowie (after David) and she is the stupidest little thing I have ever met. She is the best thing in the world to me. I got her when I was 17, because my dog died and my mum was stupid enough to offer me a tiny 7 week old puppy. I went, I chose her, she was mine. I moved out with her when I was 19 and I haven’t looked back – I do not regret having to look after her. She is expensive sometimes and often she is difficult, but generally she is the biggest source of joy in my life. A breakdown can be cut short by a look from her. She is the most helpful thing to my mental and physical illness, she looks over me constantly in hard times. She literally sits there by my bedside pawing at my face until I am better again. She runs with me, goes on holiday with me. Basically, she is the sweetest. My whole life revolves around looking after her and finding places for us to live and ensuring that she has enough water and food and love. Plus, she is super funny. Look at that stupid face, huh?


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