Whedonverse Women: Buffy Summers


It’s been a good few weeks, but I was wearing my Sunnydale High t-shirt today and I thought I’d get right back into over-analysing Buffy. You might remember that a few weeks ago I started what I wanted to be a series of posts about Whedon women and their impact and how fucking cool they are – well, off I go again.

Okay so I talked about Cordelia first because I genuinely find her, personally, to be more identifiable than Buffy. Maybe it’s because she deals with real world issues rather than saving the real world, but she’s just more of a badass bitch. Still, it seems awfully not cool of me to write about Whedon women and not bring up the chosen one. The original badass bitch.

Buffy Summers is pretty cool. She sticks up for herself, she has super strength, she comes up with sweet puns, she is pretty hot (personal opinion here). SMG herself is pretty cool, because she has most of those traits. That definitely helps with the admiration. The acting and writing behind Buffy herself is stellar, and her strongest moments are actually not when she’s ass-kicking. The most heart-wrenching, well acted scenes in Buffy are certainly when we realise that she is just a girl. She’s got super strength and she was chosen to save the world and all that, but she is still just a girl. That is heart-breaking.

Giles:Buffy, if the Master rises…
Buffy:I don’t care! I don’t care. Giles, I’m sixteen years old. I don’t wanna die

By season six I was getting pretty sick of Buffy’s whining. Yeah, yeah, you died and then you came back from heaven and then your mum died and then somebody tried to rape you and then your friend died and your father figure was gone and then your other friend tried to end the world all whilst you were trying to save the world and also working and also caring for your sister. Poor you. But then I realise that actually is quite a lot for one 21 year old girl to be dealing with, and actually, she was coping pretty well.

Buffy Summers, class protector. From punning to ass-kicking to having loads of cool sex, Buffy is cool. It’s hard, sometimes, to like Buffy as much as I like other characters that are free to be funny or likable all of the time. Buffy has to be the bad guy, the one to make hard choices. And that kind of makes her the coolest.


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  1. I’m re-watching all seasons of Buffy right now, and I LOVE this! ^^^ It’s a perfect post for the slayer. ❤
    -Miss Anonymous

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