I have been absent. I have written next to no poetry, missed a good few days of my scheduled posts, and not given you any kind of updates. That’s because I’ve actually been busy. I got my final project in on Friday and then I was working a lot. I also got a great deal of jewellery made for a big order from a store. On Sunday I had a pub dinner with Elise and did a little shopping because it was a lovely day. On Monday I did a lot more shopping and then went to Firebug with Elise, Murb, Jaemo, Lou and Elvis. I had a couple beers then headed to Uni where I drank a few tinnies on the floor outside it and sat on our sign. I am unsure as to why I did this, I turn into a propa British youf when I have enough tinnies in me. I then went to the library drunk and I am also unsure as to why we thought this was a good idea. We watched It’s Always Sunny at mine and I reminded Murb and Jaemo constantly that, as 24 year old drunken failures, it was their life. Yes. Tuesday I sat in the sun with Rosanna and got day drunk and then went out with people from my film course. Yesterday I had a job interview and got a new bar job! So basically I have been mad busy and actually hanging out with friends for a change. Sweet. Sorry xo


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May 9, 2013 · 11:45 pm

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