Weekly Round-Up



I am borrowing a laptop currently so I can keep you updated and stick to my schedule and give you everything you want from me. Poetry and the like. Wonderful! So on Monday I had myself a sweet day off, in which I ran errands and went to the gym and all those other bits and bobs. But Tuesday was fabulous. Sarah drove me to London and we managed to get ourselves parked in central London and do lots of shopping and Nando’s trips. Topshop aplenty and I got to see the David Bowie store at Selfridges. Lovely. We drove around London for an hour or so after our lovely trip and then went to Starbuck’s on the motorway at like 10pm. Swell. On Wednesday I woke up to a phonecall telling me that I had been fired, once again, and that I was now out in the world on my own. Without money. But I made a decision, with the support of my friends. I am going to stay unemployed for a while at least and concentrate on my jewellery and my writing and moving out and getting better. It shouldn’t be so bad and I think it’ll be important to focus on these things. Sarah popped over on Wednesday night with a Costa to cheer me up because I was feeling pretty useless. On Thursday Sarah and I went for burritos and yet another shopping trip, despite my current lack of funds. Whatcha gonna do.

I got an email on Thursday morning inviting me to feature in a book called Women Poets of 2013, and the day before that I got a letter saying I’d been published. Not too shabby. I received two orders yesterday, too, and I went to see my grandad. So I’m a busy girl. This week I’ve been busy but I’ve learned the importance of friendship and of spending time on things that matter to me. I hope you all had a splendid week xo


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