Friday – I Love

Friday - I Love

I have been awful. I have been busy but I have also been lazy and suffering from a probably self-induced writer’s block. It is horrible and I am horrible for being neglectful. I cannot draw, write, read, concentrate for more than ten seconds. I am just blocked.

I have tried, I have, to put pen to paper. Every day. I get up at 2pm, I eat, I run, I clean. But I don’t do anything else. I haven’t looked for a new job, packed to move house, written a word. Because they just won’t come out. I am lazy and I am neglecful and I deserve a big smack and a look at reality. You see, I am unemployed. I do not have to go back to Uni for a few months. This means I am broke but it also could be an opportunity for change. To make art, to write a lot, to do anything. But I have not, I can’t.

However I am falling in love with my excellent friends. They are sweethearts and idiots and I want to smush them until their faces explode. At the weekend I went to Bradgate park with Zoe and Sarah, then out to eat, then to my friend Isaac’s family BBQ. As it often does with Isaac it quickly got out of hand and we had an excellent and drunken time. On Monday we tripped down to London to shop and eat and see the David Bowie Is exhibition, which was incredible! We also met Hello Kitty, as you can see.

So I will try and keep things together here. I will try and write for you. But be it depression or just laziness or maybe even writer’s block, I am suffering greatly. Be patient xo


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June 14, 2013 · 4:12 pm

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