Monday Personal Post

Do you want to hear about what’s going on in my ~*~ super dull life? Well. Let me tell you. Recently my life has been a huge blur of moving, packing my life into boxes and unpacking them half a mile down the road. I have started a new bout of medication and they are making me ill, snappy, tired, constantly sleeping, sick. I will be alright but it’s tough, all I want to do is just be awake for more than an hour at a time. 

This weekend I had my housewarming party which was lovely in an intoxicated and loud kind of way. The friends that I made around 7 years ago are still my favourites and they all have the drinking stamina to carry on until 4:30am so it was a good night. We caught up and had a moan and I found myself pretty grateful for who I have in my life. Value good friends, you guys. They are gems.

Tomorrow night/Wednesday morning I am going to Florida for two weeks! I will keep updated as much as possible but my goddamn iPad decided to break and Apple can’t give me a genius appointment. Ugh. I am really excited to get away and it might  be the sun and fun that I need to improve my mood for a little while. I have so much to do before I leave in terms of going to the post office and the doctor and the bank and sorting out house things but really I just want to go to sleep forever.

This week/next week I should be able to deliver you some poetry, general creative writing, a post about Twin Peaks, one about The Simple Life…I’m cooking them all up as we speak. 

Peace and kisses xo


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  1. Looking forward to the poetry!

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