Second Year Results


Today I got my results for the year and I am pretty pleased, I suppose. Basically a 70 is a first so I got a 2:1 overall, which I am pleased with. I think that my commitment to or contempt for particular modules is reflected here, whoops. I could have gotten a first in Hollywood had I not left – BLAH – in instead of an actual quote. I could have done better in Creative Writing if I wanted to care, but I kind of hate it. And I could absolutely not have done any better in World as we have a very harsh marker and I’m lucky I did so well in it. Basically I am pleased. I know that I could have gotten a first if I was there and well for more than half the year, but even with medical reasons aside I did pretty darn well. xo



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2 responses to “Second Year Results

  1. What does a “first” mean exactly? We don’t have that term in Canada.

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