Some Incredibly Sad News


I’m in Florida right now and I could update you on Disney World and Universal and all that, but I just wanted to tell you about my friend Emma Kingston. She sadly passed away yesterday, aged just 20, after a lifelong battle with Cystic Fibrosis. She was on my Film course but I only met her a couple of times, the first on a film night drinking. I was struck by how excited and energetic she was, as well as how pretty. She was hilarious and taught me how best to dance (if in doubt, big fish little fish cardboard box). It wasn’t until I got home and followed her on Twitter, Tumblr etc that I realised how ill she was. Or at all. From then I made an effort to talk to her often, not because she was sick, but because I wanted to. I don’t think I’ve ever spoken to anybody quite so naturally funny and full of life, especially taking into account how ill she was. I never saw her complain once. Not when she had to spend weeks in hospital, not when she couldn’t breathe, not when she was in excruciating pain – the likes of which we hopefully won’t encounter. Emma was special. She had plans that she was working hard to follow through on – business ideas, pets she wanted, flats she would live in. I was going to go and see her when I got back from holiday, to bring her cookies and cheer her up a little. I never got to. If I knew that she would die before I got home, I might have put off my packing or job hunting to spend a couple of hours making her feel better.

I didn’t know Emma half as well as many others did, or half as well as I would like to. All I can do now is try and raise some money, put myself on the organ donor list, and remember what a gem she was. I implore you to get on the organ donor list, too. Don’t be squeamish. If you die you die, but if your organs can be donated then parts of you could save a life like Emma’s. I didn’t feel inclined to do it until I realised what a huge difference it could make.

If you are interested in reading about Emma’s struggle, her blog can be found – here -. It is funny, full of raw honesty, and in the end extremely chilling. She knew what was coming, and she was accepting of it.

Thank you xo



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2 responses to “Some Incredibly Sad News

  1. This is so sad.. Such a young girl.. Im sorry about your loss..

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