Weekly Round-Up


It’s been an odd one. Right now it’s 4pm and I’m still in bed, quite ill and trying to muster up the energy to pack and do things that I need to do. I’ve been really ill this week, in and out of the hospital and doctor’s. But I’ve also had a nice time. I’ve been to dinner with my friends twice, and last night we went to see We Are Scientists in Coventry which was basically incredible. The picture I’ve chosen is from last night and it’s of me (looking strangely tanned and weather beaten) and my Zoe and Sarah. They have been my gems this week and so has Owain, they’ve been taking me to the hospital and being there for me more than I deserve. Such peaches. Tomorrow I head to Brighton and then immediately to Devon with Sarah, it’s going to be a weird couple of weeks but I’m hoping the sea air will do me some good. I’ll queue up posts for you xo


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