Weekly Round-Up


I am currently in North Devon, which I suppose you will only know of if you’re a Brit. It’s over 200 miles from my home and is as rustic and idyllic as can be. I’m having a little break from life. I’m staying with Sarah’s entire family on a farm with a private beach. Us and her brother have our own cottage and there are dogs and alpacas and chickens everywhere. It’s so lovely and so far removed from my every day life; I’m missing Bowie and my comforts but loving the serenity.

Earlier in the week I was in Brighton for three days (I’ve only been home one night this week) and it was incredible. Drinking, pier rides, shopping, cuteness. I missed my little town and it was a beautiful reunion! Just me and my best friends going to arcades and enjoying haunted houses entirely drunk.

I have five more nights in Devon and I’m enjoying myself. I even made myself swim in the sea yesterday, which I haven’t done in many years. It’s been relaxing and super fun, we all nip in and out of each other’s cottages for tea constantly. Tonight we had Chinese and malteaser cake and played a game of scrabble. I’m super content and hoping that five more days will do my health some good! xo


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