Living The Simple Life



I am currently out in the middle of nowhere, and that is the view from a big hill I had to stand on to get signal today. I’m heading home tomorrow and it’s been a good old time. Lots of insects and alpacas, no signal, no Topshop, little vegan food…it’s been tough. But super fun and super good for me. I’ve spent a lot of time with Sarah and her family, just relaxing and writing and keeping busy. I’ve made a lot of jewellery and I’ve taken a lot of photos of alpacas. Tonight we went for an incredible meal that her auntie paid for entirely, and then we sat around and watched the Katy Perry movie. Which was awesome, by the way. We cried an awful lot.

I’ve still been quite ill, sleeping late and struggling to go more than a few hours without painkillers or a sleep. But I’ve been happy in myself. I’ve really loved the simplicity and the free time to do what I want, as well as the company to keep me content. I’ve booked doctor’s and dentist’s appointments, as well as a hair consultation. I’m trying to get myself together before I go back to Uni, but we’ll see. I’m trying. I’ve been reading a lot and staying up till at least 3am talking to Sarah – we spent last night scaring ourselves half to death. We talked about Twin Peaks a little too much and were too frightened to go to the toilet alone. We are staying in a cottage in the middle of nowhere, so it’s understandable.

I’ll be sure to keep you updated and stay on top of everything. I’ve been constantly busy and I feel like when my feet finally hit the floor, I’ll either sleep for a month or sort myself out. I’ve some projects I’ve been meaning to get together.

Thanks as always xo


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