Weekly Round-Up


Here is a cute family shot of the younger half of Sarah’s family. Pictured are Ben, Meg, James, Me, Sarah, Alice, Alice’s boyfriend…and then some people I only met on holiday. I had a really lovely time. It was relaxing but super funny, Sarah and I spent a lot of time just hanging out and the like. I haven’t really spent a great deal of time with her brother Ben for a while, so it was nice to talk to him more than usual. It was also lovely to get to know Alice and Meg a little better. It was just lovely. I made a lot of jewellery, wrote a little, laughed more than I have for a while. My head is a little clearer, now, and I have booked enough appointments and planned enough that I should be able to get my life sorted out soon.

So what have I actually been up to? Monday we stayed in bed for quite some time and watched Sightseers, which was incredible. So funny. We then watched the entirety of #CandidlyNicole and popped over to Alice’s for some malteaser cake and tea. Cute. On Tuesday I hung out on the beach with the entire family and all of the dogs and just read my UFO book and soaked up a little afternoon sun. In the evening we went to a meal and played a lot of hangman while we waited for our dinner. Perfect. Ben got super inappropriately drunk and we did a pub quiz where we came eighth out of ten. Not too shabby. Most of the week was just lazy days and late nights filled with talking and laughing. It was pretty cool not having signal sometimes, we would just sit downstairs and talk or watch a movie and it was super duper. There aren’t words for how nice it was, the British holidayness of it all. The rock climbing, laughter, friendship. Just sweet. It makes me all sentimental.

On Thursday we had a posh meal at a golf club and then packed up to leave. Sad. Our journey home was long but safe, and now I am happy and fine. Glad to be home with my dog and Owain. Tomorrow I am going to see Only God Forgives so expect a review by Wednesday!


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