Monday Post: Friendship



It was friendship day on the 4th, but I’d been far too busy to post about it until now. So here I am, to talk to you about friends and friendship. I have had some bad friends. I have had friends that have taken advantage of me, made fun of me, bullied me. Friends who think it is okay to talk to me like shit or not talk to me at all for months because they feel like it. Friends who aren’t friends anymore because they decided not to be. But this isn’t about them. This is about the good friends I have in my life – the best friends. I have another very best friend by the name of Zoe, but this post is about Sarah Daniels. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks with her and it seems only fair to talk about why I’m grateful to have her as a friend.

I only started talking to Sarah regularly last year. She is my friend Ben’s sister, and she remained that way until we met and realised we had everything in common. We like spending money on clothes, Ryan Gosling, gratuitous violence, films, TV, Nicole Richie, Alexa Chung, fashion, decoden…but we also appreciate the things about each other that we don’t have in common. That is friendship. Sarah is selfless and consistent in her friendship, we always have a lovely time and look after each other. We talk every single day but it’s okay if we don’t want to talk. She is a real gem. Here is a list of some of the things that Sarah does for me on a regular basis or has done recently:

♡ Taken me to London. Twice. We shopped and shopped to our heart’s content and had some lovely eats and fun.
♡ Driven Zoe and I to Brighton for a nice little holiday
♡ Taken me to Devon with her family
♡ Come to A&E with me when I was really, really ill
♡ Taken me to the doctor’s when I was really ill
♡ Lent me her clothes because I often forget to take any out with me
♡ Made me feel better. We talk every day and she’s there for me in all of my nutjobness
♡ She drives me around constantly. To places, just to drive, just to hang out.
♡ Looked after my dog and house for two entire weeks while I was away
♡ Driven me to Ikea to pick up furniture for my new house
♡ Bought me enough ribena to fill a bath
♡ Brought me a Costa when I got fired and was all downtrodden about it

And many more. Sarah is an absolute peach and I’m grateful to have her friendship! Don’t forget to thank your friends, if you didn’t already xo




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