Monday Post: On Luck

I have notoriously bad luck. Like, seriously. In the past year I have had my car broken into twice, been mugged, gotten a concussion, lost or had to leave five jobs, had to fork out an extra grand for my insurance due to my location, lived with one thief and one nutcase, been to the hospital at least 5 times, seen my grandad get sick, and lawd knows what else. I consistently drop and break everything, hit my head, lose money, lose my phone, get treated like shit…I am just unlucky. If I have plans to go out then it rains. If I want to go somewhere, my car breaks down or the bus is late. No matter how positive I try and be or what I try and do to change my luck, I still get all this bad energy returned to me.

I don’t really tend to believe in things like ‘bad luck’. As part and parcel of my OCD as a child, I believed strongly in karma and superstition, but not actually. I don’t believe in astrology or tarot cards or ghosts. But it’s hard to deny that I am incredibly unlucky. I have to question daily whether or not it’s something that I believe, and I’m not sure. My partner consistently gets good grades and opportunities without trying, has never been mugged or stolen from, never even drops a plate. It’s odd and these are my musings on it.

But today my luck appears to have changed, a little. I stayed in bed until about 6:30pm as I have been quite ill, as usual. Issues with my head that don’t seem to be disappearing with age. Firstly I received a call from the police to tell me that they think they’ve caught the boys who mugged me and would like me to identify them tomorrow. I don’t know what will happen after that, but I hope they get what they deserve. I then received an email to say that my insurance claim had been accepted so I’d be receiving a new phone pretty soon. Nothing to complain about there. And then, after all of that, I sold a lot on ebay so my finances are in much better shape. And then I got an email to tell me that I’d been accepted for a job writing articles! The money is alright and the work easy, I can do it from my bed when I’m ill. I feel healthier, more alert and less tired than usual.

Things could be turning around xo



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2 responses to “Monday Post: On Luck

  1. Congratulations and I really hope so for you xx

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