Weekly Round-Up


It’s been an okay one. I’ve been really quite ill every single day and not managed to wake up until 4pm due to problems with my head. I went to see the optician and he has decided that my problems run deeper than my eyes – which is a problem. He cannot see directly what is wrong with me, which means it is going on far inside my head. I need to get an MRI scan as soon as possible but the NHS are being really difficult about it. 

So my week has been ill, I’ve been working on articles, and I’ve not really been eating. I am just so tired. I saw my best friend Sarah on Friday because she’s struggling to make some tough life decisions and needed to talk to me and be fabulous. We bought Vogue so we could pore over Alexa Chung, we bought Autumn coffee, we ate Wagamama and we had a sleepover. Well, we stayed awake until about 6:30am. 

I am dreading going back to Uni because I feel like I haven’t done or achieved nearly enough this summer. I feel like my health is going to really ruin my attendance and work this year. It is just not a good time to have my final year, I need to just sleep for a good few weeks and then I might be better.

See you next week xo



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2 responses to “Weekly Round-Up

  1. I suffer with terrible headaches, too. Had the MRI but its genetic, my sister’s the same. Codeine is the only thing that helps, but it does, and trying to relax. I hope this helps a bit.

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