Weekly Round-Up



I have been busy and I’ve been having quite a nice time. At the start of the week I stayed at Sarah’s and we had a takeaway Wagamama and went to Isaac’s for half an hour or so. We watched Ancient Aliens and stayed up talking and hanging out with her doggy Shelby. Cute. The next day we got up super early and went to London to have a little induction at her uni. Then we shopped for hours. Urban, Topshop, all the greats. Then a TGI dinner and home for about 2am. It was perfect and London is the best.

I spent much of the week trying to work and getting my new timetable – I got into Cult Film thank goodness. My timetable is great, a day off and a lot of late starts which is excellent for my health and depression. I might actually show up a little more this year. 

On Saturday Owain and I went to Retroactive Festival, a film fest where we played Street Fighter a lot and watched BTTF, Wayne’s World and Ferris Bueller. I also sat in a DeLorean again. It was pretty good.

Last night I stayed up until 05:30am writing my diaries and reading a lot. I’m trying to get on top of my personal projects before I have to go back to Uni. It’s going okay I suppose, but I need to get started on my dissertation and keep on top of this blog.

xo see you next week



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