Weekly Round-Up



It’s been my first week back to school, and quite a good one. My proximity to town has increased my shopping, which could be considered a bad thing as I’m dirt poor. But just looking at this picture gives me a fuzzy feeling, so it can’t be all bad. I love clothes and stationery and all things shiny. The Hello Kitty toy was a gift from Sarah, who is a princess.

School-wise, everything has been peachy keen. My cult film course is incredible and full of all kinds of blood and humour and porn and all things wonderful. I have my dissertation almost planned in my head – almost but not really. I know what I want to achieve but whether or not I know how is another story entirely. 

I’ve been busy. I don’t like creative writing all that much, but that isn’t new. I have been to Uni every single day which is incredible, but I’ve been surviving off a steady diet of diet coke and coffee and painkillers. As soon as I sort out my routine, things will be good as pie.

I need money and I need to do a better job at keeping up with this blog, but I am all fine. I love my course and I am hopeful xo


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