Call for Literary Submissions/500 Followers

Firstly I want to thank everybody for their constant readership and for putting up with my regular absences and laziness. I like the appreciation that I’ve gotten for my corner of the world, even if it isn’t that much in the grand scheme of things. To thank you and because I need it, I would like to give you the opportunity to get published.

I am currently putting together a publication project for University that will either come together as an E-Zine or small published pamphlet/book. I want your work to put in it. Specifically I am looking for poetry, prose and perhaps fiction, even accompanied by photographs if you have any good ones. Your name will be with it and if you like, your email or website. There will be more details at some point but I would really like you to comment or email me if you’re interested or have a suitable piece! I’m probably looking for 20ish pieces on anything that interests you. Poetry about your hometown, travels, interesting photography, nice looking and sounding things that will come together as a well-designed book. Hopefully.

It will only be a small University project, but it will be read by many people and published writers.

Thank you so much, and email me at if you have anything for me xo


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