Monday Post

It’s Monday. I missed my weekly round-up, my Friday post, and – let’s not lie – most posts over the last few weeks. I’d love to say I’ve been busy, but I haven’t. Unless busy is sleeping for 24 hours plus. Last week I did get an essay handed in, a job offer, go for dinner with Sarah, and have a nice Saturday night with my brother at his new flat. I met his girlfriend who is the sweetest New Zealander ever, and I saw some of my old stoner friends. Naturally I was sober but I still kept up with the existential nonsense and “What IS monogamy though? What IS it?”. So Monday. Tonight I’m going for cocktail training at my new place of work and I wanted to talk about work. 

After I got fired from my last couple of places of work I decided that I was too good for the service industry. I was sick of it, I was too clever, I had better things to do. Six months later of doing nothing and sitting around and I’ve realised that actually, I’m not. I need money and I am really good at serving food and beer. So I am back and I am quite enjoying waitressing and bartending, more than I did before. I’m good at it and I love tips. Tips that aren’t “flash me a smile, love!”.

So I’m back in the biz and looking to make a massive amount of money (ha, ha). Well at least enough to live. I guess my point this week is that if you need to work a job that isn’t your ideal while you work at doing something that IS, then it’s okay. It doesn’t make you any less of a writer or a builder or whatever your dream is. But if serving food IS your dream, that’s swell too. Enjoy it. Have a lovely time. Maybe I’ll see you in one of the two bars I work in sometime soon. xo


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