Happy Anniversary


Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, we do love anniversary posts don’t we! TV anniversaries, film anniversaries, regular ones…over at februarystationery, I love me a good excuse to celebrate. Let me tell you, this is a good one. Today marks a year of (almost) consistent blogging with WordPress, a fact I would have forgotten without their handy little notification.

I started out small. I just wanted a lovely little place to post my poetry, to maybe start some film reviews, to write my thoughts when I had them. A year later and I’ve got myself quite a following over here. I have a schedule which I (almost) follow, followers who like what I post, and a little bit more than just a nice space to post my own things. 

I like to think you like me. I would usually do a top ten for these kinds of things, but that seems a little narcissistic. I would like you to comment your favourite blogging moment of mine from the past year – a favourite post, a favourite photo, a favourite poem. Or whatever. xo


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