Ellen Page


On Saturday I was awoken by my best friend telling me that Ellen Page had come out. On Valentine’s Day. Now, it isn’t often that I am sincere or upfront anything, let alone my sexuality, but let’s do this. I’m a little embarrassed, but let’s talk about Ellen Page coming out. I cheered. I was so, so happy and I still am. It wasn’t news to anybody that she was gay, anybody with half a gaydar or a pair of eyes knew. But for her to come out was a big move. I have said for years that she didn’t owe anybody a thing – her coming out would be beneficial, but for her to choose not to was her own choice. Coming out is hard enough, but with millions of eyes on you, it is even harder. Ellen’s speech had me in tears. It was beautiful, touching, funny, and long overdue. She is a gorgeous brave woman and I wish her the best. 

When I was seventeen I realised I was bisexual. I thought I was gay for a while, because despite having a boyfriend of three years, I wasn’t attracted to any men. Most days my leaning is certainly towards women, but I wouldn’t call myself a lesbian. I was young and confused and coming out was incredibly difficult, but my friends were supportive. Other people not so much. I still don’t think I owe anyone an explanation about my sexuality, but most days I choose to ‘lie by omission’ (in Ellen’s words) and avoid explaining it. I don’t think bisexuality is as complicated as people make it out to be. 

I love people. I am attracted to voices, faces, personalities – but I don’t really mind what gender they come packaged in. Women and men are beautiful and attractive to me in different ways and they are entirely different, which I love. I have had a thing for women for as long as I can remember and honestly, I never thought it was unusual until I got older. I am lucky in that I have a beautiful group of friends and a boyfriend who accept me for who I am and are completely okay with it, which I think should not be abnormal. Everybody is entitled to love regardless, I believe homophobia is absolutely disgusting and outdated.  

Ellen did not have a duty to the LGBT community or anybody else. She is an individual who was struggling to come out due to standards and principles set up for her, and that is completely unfair. I believe that her speech will be monumental in helping young people to accept themselves and come out, and she has done an absolutely beautiful thing. 

Ellen Page is a goddess and I’m going to go and watch Whip It (A.K.A. the gayest movie ever) to celebrate. xo


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  1. This is my fav! Bisexuality certainly isn’t complicated and I love how you’ve said “I love people. I am attracted to voices, faces, personalities – but I don’t really mind what gender they come packaged in.” That’s 100% true for me too and I’ll never understand why others don’t seem to get that.

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