Where Have You Been?

Pictured: the absolute purest joy I can possibly ever feel – Brighton + sunshine + family + birthday xo

I have been AWOL. I am aware and I am sorry. I have had an up and down kind of few weeks, they have often been unproductive and miserable. I am very sick again and I went for my MRI on Saturday, I don’t have the results yet but I’ll tell you when I do. I am in the final stretch of my final year at De Montfort, and I am looking forward to the end but struggling under the weight of my work. There’s a lot of it. There’s also feuding with my housemate which is sad, and the stress of having to move and graduate and ahh.

But. I have been alright. I have been to Nottingham a few times, spent many evenings with Sarah, shopped more than I should. My dog is the queen, my best friend is a princess, my boyfriend is lovely and my life is okay. I like who I am and I like reading about aliens and drinking vegan hot chocolate and I love love love spring. Things always turn around for me in March, and I hope to see better times ahead. I might be going to California in summer to see my love Kasey, and I should be going to Disneyland at Christmas. In September I start my MA in Film Studies at the University of Sussex, and I am so excited. I only hope I get a 2:1 and an answer as to why I’m so sick before then. In July/August Sarah, Owain, Bowie and I are finally making the big move to Brighton. Sarah is living in her own flat because we don’t want to live together and fall out. It’s going to be so lovely, a constant 90s summer. Penny boards, scrunchies, jelly shoes, shopping. I am dirt poor and I am sure I will be when I move to one of the most expensive places in the UK, but I will be so happy.

Thank you for your patience. I will be putting together the e-book soon and I will keep in touch and post as much as I can. Thank you peaches xo


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March 24, 2014 · 2:58 am

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