My Week & Wellness


Pictured: myself on the beach yesterday after a ridiculous spontaneous trip to Brighton with my best friend Sarah Daniels. Yasssss.

Earlier in the week I posted about wanting to look after myself a little better and be more positive, and I have been working on it. I think I deleted the post because I was a bit embarrassed, but there you go. You might have seen it. There are a few very important things that I need to do if I am going to become a little better and healthier, and I have already started working on these at long last.

  • Look after my body. I am intolerant to a lot of foods and my medication recently made me gain a bit of weight and I’ve been too sick to exercise, so I need to get on with this. I have come off my tablets and am suffering with withdrawals, but things are getting better.
  • Be more positive. I am generally a very angry and sad person and I don’t let things go or confront them, so they fester and become ugly. I have been hurt and abused a lot recently but I am making efforts to cut people out of my life, block them, and if I can’t say anything to them, I am trying to write about things more in an effort to get it out.
  • Work harder at my University work. This is tough because I am so sick, but when I am well, I often play solitaire or clean instead of doing it. I am very close to the end and I need a 2:1 if I am to succeed and move on to my Master’s.
  • Cut ties with my mum as much as possible. This is very tough because my sister still lives with her so I need to keep a civil relationship, but before I owed a lot to her and relied on her for many things. I recently had to move all of my things out of her house and sell my car which was in her garage, so I am getting there.
  • Walk Bowie more. This is a weird one because it seems really simple and easy, but I am so sick and when I do get out with her I feel a lot better and we are both happy with the fresh air.
  • Keep my important relationships looked after and healthy. This just means, really, making sure I don’t avoid the people that matter when I get down or sick. Plus, with my moving to Brighton soon, it is really important to talk to people more because they won’t be within reach.
  • Spend less money and get a job. This can only really be done after I get my MRI results back, but you know. 
  • BOOK MY FLIGHTS TO CALIFORNIA! I have wanted to go to Cali for so long and I am finally going to see my bae Kasey.
  • Is that it? Yes probably. I just need to be happy and get over things and look after myself. After everything with my mum and Emma dying and being mugged and getting assaulted and being so sick and dealing with housemates I have been having a tough time, but I am moving on.

This was long and kind of for my own ridiculous needs and wants. Whatever. Sorry! xo


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