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Firstly, if you don’t have WordPress you can now follow me with BlogLovin’! Lovely! Secondly, I don’t actually follow anyone with WordPress. I don’t check it often, but I would like to. If you read my blog and post similar kind of content, I will take a peek at your blog if you like this post. I would love to find blogs to follow that I actually like, but it’s tough and time-consuming xo

Thirdly, I have a brand new sexy idea. Due to the nature of the majority of my writing, it is vastly different to what I actually do. The thing that I do and want to do for my career is write about films and occasionally poetry. I enjoy poetry and all that, of course, but I appreciate that my audience for the different writing I do is very different. I am at a stage now where I think it would be a good idea to separate my blogs and make a brand new one focused solely on Film and TV. I would still stream and promote those posts through februarystationery, but the primary goal of this blog would be to post poetry and personal updates etc. If you are up for this or have any ideas, let me know! Thanks as always xo


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