Leicester Blues



I have almost been feeling a teeny weeny bit sad about leaving. I have my best friends who I talk to constantly and who will always visit, but there are other people and things here who are not so close or easily accessible. It’s sad. On Monday I met up with my best friend of nine years, Joe, and we had ourselves a little time. We went to Firebug for cocktails and did a little shopping and caught up. Turns out he’s a super famous mega babe now, earning tons of cash from his music and doing shows here there and everywhere. It was kind of him to let dear old me know before now. He’s moving to London to be famous so he will be really nearby, and I don’t worry anyway. Joe and I can go for months without seeing each other and no matter how tall and cool he gets we are still practically family.

So we took ourselves around my uni, climbed on the big De Montfort sign, and I almost got nostalgic for it. We wandered around the buildings and campus before heading down to Bede Park for a nice hang with Becca, someone who I got very close to on creative writing and am sad to leave! It’s nice to have someone to drink with in the middle of the day. I’ll miss that. Ever since I left The Exchange I have been feeling a bit mixed up about it – I really liked that job and the people and I felt sad, like they didn’t like me or whatever. But Nadia, someone I was close with there, was with Joe’s brother’s friends and we had a hug and a talk and it turns out that around four people left when I did and the business has gone through a huge change. Like, huge. It isn’t party drug free booze town anymore. We reminisced about drunk evenings, piggybacks, dancing and shouting about Fleetwood Mac. She is a super gem and I’m happy that the people I liked there still think I’m cool too. She’s leaving, too, so there wouldn’t be anything for me if I did choose to stay.

So Murb and Jaemo came down and I haven’t seen them for a while. I got a few lectures about how immature I am (because they are old men) and how I need to not talk about Buffy so much – I don’t think Jaemo realises that it is literally my job to do that. We went to O Bar and they got all emotional telling me how ~* amazing and grown up ~* I am and how everyone back at the Dog and Gun thinks I’m super independent and smart. Well, no shit guys. Thanks for taking this long.

There are a million things for me in Brighton but sometimes I neglect to remember that there is a lot here – the university I was a part of for three years, the people I met and actually liked in Enderby, the people I knew briefly at The Exchange, sunny student days at Bede Park, Mosh, Loaf, the Phoenix – most things are over and many places totally out of my life but I am so grateful for the time I’ve had here. It isn’t over yet. When a bit of my life ends I feel this want to talk to people and catch up and check what page we’re on and I always get a chance, which is cute. Every teacher I’ve ever liked, everyone I’ve ever worked with and loved – I’ve met back up with them in some odd little situation and I like it. I like Leicester sometimes!


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May 22, 2014 · 12:21 am

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