I Am Home


So I apologise again for another lengthy absence. I have been incredibly busy moving myself, everything I have ever owned, my boyfriend and my dog to the seaside. I am in Brighton library at the minute catching up on a little internet time before the clock runs out – you really realise how much you depended on the internet when you are only allowed it for an hour a day. It is sad.

So we are here. In Brighton/Hove, in the sunshine, busy building furniture all day long. My head hasn’t been hurting much, I’ve felt pretty motivated and sane, and my home is starting to look like one. I adore Brighton as much as I ever have, even though now I am living and working in it full time. Speaking of working, I have had four interviews or trials offered to me and I have only been to two so far. I have been offered a job at a seafood restaurant, but in all honesty I don’t know how I feel about it. I can tell you one thing about how I feel though – I am devastated about Rik Mayall dying. I plan to write a proper post on it in a little while because it’s cut me pretty deep, The Young Ones was my entire childhood.

That is that. I am here, I am looking for work as soon as possible, and I am really busy. I promise you I will be back soon and I do have a poem or two to regale you with. For now, goodbye and I will see you soon. I get my own internet on the 26th and things will be much more consistent after that.

Thank you for your continued support and I hope you are all doing well!












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