Busy Bee by the Sea

I have been in Brighton for about five weeks now and I’m having a pretty good time. Sadly the combination of good time and no internet has left you pretty post-less. But I fancy changing that. I plan on setting up a huge queue for you tomorrow because on Thursday morning I am – wait for it – flying from Heathrow to LAX for an American adventure! So what have I been up to? When I first got to Brighton my best friend was here and we had a cute time. I had no internet and had to go to the library to order anything for my house. Then I got a shitty seafood restaurant job which I quit immediately, had a few interviews, and eventually ended up at a cafe. It was alright but then I got ‘let go’ because they couldn’t afford to hire me. Whatever. I got a job at my favourite Homestore and that’s where I am a lot of the time earning sweet money doing a cute job. Then we got fleas and had to wander the streets of Brighton until 3am. We still had no internet and watched a lot of boxsets while we unpacked our house and fixed our little lives. 

Next my friends came down for the weekend and brought a world of glottal stops to Brighton. We played, we drank, we brought Leicester to the coast and it was the best. I miss them now. Last week it was my graduation so I had to take myself, Owain and our dog up there and it was okay. I got to see Sarah, Aidan and Liv so that was swell. We ate dinner, sat on Huncote park, and relived old times. I felt 14 again, but a bit more sober. Graduation was adorable while a little boring; we pretended to reenact The O.C. and winked at Santa. Nice.

Now – I am settled and so happy. I have another job at a boutique homestore where famous people shop and have worked and it is pretty awesome. I eat vegan food and I can have bagels every day and I have a huge discount at all of my favourite shops. I see the sea every day and sometimes it makes me so happy I want to cry. This week I am going to see California, something 15 year old me wanted more than anything else in the world.

I am ready! xo


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