It is so easy to forget formative years
take for granted that I am now changed
and cast away how I got here at all
what’s past is past – and now I am new

Orphaned by circumstance
shadowed in the light of family
I spent so much time, my feet numb
under that bridge, our only fun
from crushed cigarettes
paperwork bonfires, warm cider
stolen pills and a little cash

Ignored and unnecessary
we needn’t climb out the window
for nobody noticed
when we used the front door

I never thanked a soul
for their input, for the tents
for the nights they let me stay
for the meals that I was fed
to the sister I don’t speak to
I am grateful, still
for my formative years
though the way was rough
I am still here


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  1. Really enjoyed this one, and the images, made me think of my teen years.

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