For a year it has been / California / if I lost my job, got a bad grade / fell out with a friend / I could catch a plane / and go back to California. / for as long as I knew the lakes and deserts of America / were waiting under the wings / I couldn’t feel trapped / in my coastal town. / What a year / of failure and rushing / of friends and working / of rebuilding myself / by the sea / in this town / that I love, of course / but I knew I could leave. / what a year of hope / a lump caught in my throat / from a year of waiting, with the desert behind and in front / what a year of knowing / that laughter in pools, that homesick dinners / are waiting for me, still / but after this / life begins, no longer waiting for California / skyscrapers and private pools / churches and glitter / but adulthood, perhaps, might bring even better.



Filed under Poetry

2 responses to “California

  1. There is an episode of Poirot where they visit Brighton, I think. You might want to check it out.

  2. Great writing, girl! Your style is very compelling, and I love the air of mystery in your posts. I look forward to reading more… 🙂

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