I would be lying if I said it was easy / that I am not split in three / that I don’t live three lives, tortured by Leicester and all that I left there / shaped in its rivers and houses, in its burned bridges and collapsed schools / I escaped to Brighton, put 150 miles between myself and history, but it follows me / and its people know how to stun me cold / to send a northern chill down my spine / yet in all my love of Brighton as a sanctuary, for all of my desire to take to the sea / an adoration of winding lanes, of busy streets and rolling hills / I miss those that I left behind, an enduring guilt ruins me still / simultaneously, I am dying for palm trees and power lines, for clear waters and open windows / for my burning skin, the freedom to drive / and for all of Leicester’s failures, it shares one thing with California, that for every time things are hard / I could take my bags and bundle in the car / take to roads, for Leicester’s fields and California’s mountains / share more than my sweet, claustrophobic seaside town / not to say I want to leave, no, not to say I am suffocating

I only wish I could be split in three



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2 responses to “LEI-BTN-CA

  1. Jamie

    Nicely composed. It reads as if it should be set to music.

  2. Jamie

    Nicely composed. The words would work well if set to music too.

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