Sometimes words get stale, samey
perhaps not full up enough of misery
and I’ve only one question –
had I ever had my heart broken
would I more to ruminate on?
to commit, tearfully, to paper

I have, of course, been hurt
by countries, missed friends
broken families and dead girls
but I don’t know the hollow grief
so many have written of – as if
there is nothing worse than one
split into two

But I don’t intend to break my own heart
sabotage security in the name of art



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5 responses to “32.

  1. Thanks for the follow.

    I quite like this poem (but, I mean, who comes along to say otherwise–or would admit if the didn’t anyway). Still, genuinely, I do enjoy it. Rumination about inspiration or motivation in poetry is really where it is at for me. On some level, it seems as if you are saying “I would do anything for love (art), but I won’t do that.” Buddha bless Meatloaf!

    Sorry for the rambling. And, btb, I also enjoyed the loose couplet at the end. It wrapped things up nicely.


  2. Thank you to follow my blog and like my poetry. Hope you enjoy it šŸ™‚

  3. RJR

    This is great! Thanks for visiting my site, that was my first time posting my poetry and was a bit nervous about putting it out there, so means a lot to have a positive response! Have a look at my other site if you have the time: rohanpages.wordpress.com. Enjoy your film blog as well as I’m a bit of film nerd too, and strangely enough I often visit Brighton as a I have a few friends down there!

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