I’ve Been Busy (ish) (sometimes)

I have been careful to keep February Stationery updated with poetry and the like, but I have been aware that you maybe have no idea what I’ve been up to myself. You might not care, and just want regular nostalgic poetry about California every few days, in which case I invite you to skip this post and come back later when I have some more lyrical words to post. Or whatever.

  •      I have, first and foremost, been at work. I am the film account manager for a company called Interview Hub. I pitch ideas, write, speak to editors, drink, and most importantly get paid. As part of my responsibilities, I also blog for the website sometimes and you can find that stuff: here.
  • I also blog at February Film and TV still, where I have recently been getting into hot water with the mom brigade re. my previous post saying Lorelai Gilmore is a shitty mom. Someone shared it on facebook and I got a ton of traffic so that was cute. If you don’t already follow me there, I’d suggest hitting up www.februaryfilmandtv.com.
  • The lovely people at WePlugGoodMusic are kind enough to let me write Film and TV news for them when I get a chance, so again find me over here.
  •     I intend to apply to write for a bunch more websites and build up my portfolio over time, but as always FS and FFTV are my primary focus and will get my pet projects first.
  •  I finished my Master’s. I passed. I will graduate in January. So like, that’s cool. No more academia for me until I do some by choice.
  •  I am ALSO (suddenly realising I do too much stuff) working on a few books. I intend to have a poetry e-book and pamphlet (of the same material, but two buying options) available in the next few months. The theme is currently a secret, but I intend to publish at least 30 poems and ensure that maybe as many as 10-15 of them are BRAND NEW. As in, you will not be able to read them anywhere other than in the book. So if you are dead into my poetry and being an exclusive VIP, register your interest and I will get on with that.

So yeah. I am still here, still writing, and in amongst all of the Christmas excitement and real life nonsense I am trying to forge something of a career. Or whatever. Do be in touch, and do check out what I get up to on other websites.

Cheers dears xo


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