My body has never stopped moving
I tap and fidget and squirm and
my brain runs wildly, a mile a minute
through things I didn’t say – but then
what if I did say the wrong thing?
So I count letters, tiles, pages
and ruminate on the minutiae
do this – even if it hurts
even if people stare, then you can pass
don’t do it – don’t step on the lines
or your house will burn down, your dog dead
touch the floor, shout obscenities in threes
to all unknowing eyes yes, you’re insane
but inside – when you starve
your food cut into seven
you are in control of events uncontrollable
the super clean pristine queen
of an obsessive Kingdom and an unruly mind
a small sacrifice when you’re saving the world
everyone’s fate in your hands
don’t slip up, enjoy life for a second
youre useless when you’re not obsessive
a perfectly perpendicular princess
with black eyes and shattered veins
from fighting fires with crawling skin



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7 responses to “36.

  1. Gotta be productive … avoid the lines. Excellent. I like the free-write feel + over-thinking image

  2. septembersrose

    This feels frantic, something I can relate to. Great strong imagery here

  3. Reblogged this on Br Andrew's Muses and commented:
    Pieces of 7

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