May 2014

To grow is not to lose, I am not dead
and I’ve leaves to shed, that did die
a little while ago

I have to take what matters with me –
I’ve a family I have built and it’s small
one third animal, of course, but she is
all heart and all spirit, the centre
of everything it will mean to be cured

Bitterness, trauma, sadness
it’s no place in a charming town
it hasn’t a home in a life I will build

and I cannot waste time
being a victim anymore
to write and to work and to live
seems simple, naive – I am young
but I know what I want
and I’ve half an idea how to
shed the dead leaves

I do not want to be the writer
sitting in my glass house
drinking ’til it’s empty – and
throwing ’til it’s broken
perhaps shedding a little bitter
will be shedding my art –
as if I will have nothing to yearn for
if I leave this city

But no – I will not be
the writer who concentrates
on what he hates, rather
than what he has



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3 responses to “May 2014

  1. I am going to copy and reference rather than re-blog because I have been reblogging all morning – I might be after a finders fee – tee hee

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