The year is drawing to a close, and I am the exact kind of person to reminisce a little too much and think about all the lovely (or terrible) things that happened this year. 2015 was really busy, but it was maybe one of my favourite years and I have never been happier.

Here is my list of my favourite things that happened this year or that I achieved, + here is to an even more productive and exciting 2016 (pls):

♡ Finished my MA and my dissertation in taste cultures.

♡ Was made briefly the supervisor of a bar (oh dear).

♡ Re-visited California, saw my favourite people, went in a tiny plane, did cute stuff, went to San Francisco, whatever.

♡ Published my poetry collection.

♡ Wrote on film for some websites (nice).

♡ Got hired for a media company right here in Brighton.

♡ Spent more time with my sister and gave her a lovely few days.

♡ Have been happier/saner/more productive than any other year, especially winter.

♡ Got my first press pass to go and interview Molly Soda at her art show.

♡ Actually made some new friends and Brighton got far less lonely.

♡ Hung out with some minor/less minor celebrities for work and other. Nice.



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  1. You have never been happier … that’s so good to read … I wish an even Happier New Year to you. Eric.

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