I love my life:

On pastel beach afternoons / transitioning into evening / with sunset and empty bottles / I love my life / landing at LAX / to see the lights of Los Angeles / waiting patiently / and to run into friends’ arms / I love my life at 4am / surrounded by friends or booze or books / when I am lost on a thousand mile drive / drowned in foliage and sunrays / or midnight supermarket adventures. / I love my life with wind in my hair and a glow on my cheeks / when I think things might not be so bad for me / as my year eight teacher had warned.

There have been times I haven’t / loved my life, I mean, of course there have / when I’ve awoken in strange houses / bruised and alone / when every day was a battle to stay alive / every room a warzone / I didn’t want to see how things might be / when I thought my sister might have to live and fight, as I did / when my father said simply: “that’s enough for me.”

Devastation punctuated by friendship make a young life / I’d change it, I’d change plenty of it / but at least I am here. / though scarred, though bruised / I am whole, formed a little too quickly / but alive, and I can say at last: I love my life. I made it this far.



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2 responses to “69.

  1. this has a resonant quality. i like the flow of it and the imagery pops.

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