So maybe, when someone says: what will you be?
I can say that I only find myself home
in books and on beaches, with my love
and on the screen, in quiet moments alone
and when my teacher says: she can read so well
but she can’t sit still, there’s potential
I will say: that’s where my potential lies
in that I will never stop shaking, never settle

You were so smart, you could have been a doctor
try harder, more sums, and you could be at NASA

But could we, though? Two souls too restless
to last a year without taking off, moving on
we may be smart, we may translate celluloid
know all the facts and figures; what makes it tick
but we did not have the sums: that was not us
and we will remain restless, misbehaving, asking why
in the streets and of the world, not wasting years
hoping we might just make it to the sky


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