There’s a level of discomfort
when I get involved too deeply
in something I can’t quite
struggle my way out of
when I find something better

I may seem stagnant –
but I will always be fickle

As soon as I knew there were
other countries, other worlds
I wanted to know them, instead

As soon as I knew them, too,
I wanted something else

A curiosity so insatiable
led me here: to Pacific coasts
to European trains, to the sea
to work I’m not quite ready for

And if my fickle heart is responsible
for all the love I’ve known –
leave it be



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2 responses to “85.

  1. I really like this. I’ve always been restless, looking for something amazing and that would take me out of this mundane world. Always looking for the people to whom I belong. I’m always moving to somewhere else…….

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