It’s curious and it’s devastating
that my favourite things
these broken legs and aeroplanes
drunken 3ams and missed trains
pretty friends and vague spontaneity

Will be taken with time
will be replaced by

– Well, I don’t yet know
which is what scares me
that those venues and bands I’ve known
that glass bottles and new friends
might be gone

With nothing new to take their home



Filed under Poetry

3 responses to “90.

  1. Plenty to fill their space as you get older…but it shows a kind heart that you concern yourself with the changing times. Great piece 🙂

  2. Fear, rules lives, touching us making things seem unclear,

    as a male, we live with a belief,

    not to show fear..

    To be honest there are times i’ve jumped at my own shadow!


  3. Yeah, great piece, I recognize the place.

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