Insincerity and irony and
convoluted, masked sentences
they’re easier than facing the fact
that things are bad

They are bad and they are dangerous
not just in my head, not just
in my own family or on my street
but universally, and it was easier
when I didn’t know

When I laughed off the thought
that things were stacked against us
when I thought things couldn’t possibly
be any worse for my daughter

But here we are
and I long to bring back irony, only
I am wide awake at 3am
knowing there’s nothing I can do
but sleep, but keep living



Filed under Poetry

3 responses to “103.

  1. Can you give an example of insincerity and irony? I would also remind those who struggle of Buddha’s thought, One becomes what one thinks.

  2. I experienced a sinking feeling from this, Marianne. I started to worry on your behalf, or the narrator’s behalf if this isn’t autobiographical. I hope everything is okay if this is you. In any case, your words were moving.

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