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It’s likely that I directed you to this blog, or we have some shared interests. I started February Stationery three years ago, and since then it has sprawled across two sites – here, and my film site.

I post regular poetry, photography, and other creative posts alongside TV and film writing. If you are here for the film and don’t want to read my personal poetry, prose and ramblings then I would probably direct you back over to my film site.

Thank you so much for visiting xo


7 responses to “this blog

  1. jasminekeclipse

    I really love how you have categorized your blogging schedule! I’ve just started following your blog but I can tell I’m going to easily become obsessed with it. Keep up the good work!

  2. Domica

    Great idea… to put up a schedule. It’s not just good for the readers, but as a blogger it seems like it’s a really good mental organizer. I think I might use this idea… not on my blog, but just for myself, to help me center what it is I’m trying to say!

    By the way, your other pages are great, too. I’m especially entertained by your rants:)

  3. I love your blog! It’s simplicity makes it authentic and at the same time very appealing, and most especially, it’s the contents that matters! Keep on blogging; I’m a new follower 😉 -Rica

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